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Annual Reports

Times stated in the following documents are in Universal Time (UT),
an approximation of all Universal Times, including Co-ordinated Universal Time / Temps Universel Coordonné (

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO other word order in English whatsoever, and NO other letter order (at all) for the name, and abbreviation, of Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is, after all, the co-ordinated version of Universal Time.

The language-independent abbreviation UTC, is meant to be used in all languages.



The following annual reports (circa 150 pages) are in PDF format which requires Acrobat Reader. (Link at bottom of this page.)

They include all observational, statistical and analytical data.

2011 (4300 kb -- 142 pages; for this report, please e-mail gdso@value.net.nz )

2012 (4700 kb -- 148 pages; for this report, please e-mail gdso@value.net.nz)

2013 (4800 kb -- 150 pages)

2014 (4300 kb -- 156 pages)

2015 (2nd edition) (4200 kb -- 142 pages)

2015 Supplement (1200kb -- 40 pages)

2016 (3800 kb -- 136 pages)

2017 (4200 kb -- 132 pages)


Annual reports are published each April. 

See our archive website for older issues. Reports dating back to 1982 are available, upon request, from gdso@value.net.nz .

Reports (1982 - 1994) are in PDF format and are rather large, circa 8000 kb. Having broadband is recommended.