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Monthly Reports

Times stated in the following documents are in Universal Time (UT),
an approximation of all Universal Times, including Co-ordinated Universal Time / Temps Universel Coordonné (

 PLEASE NOTE: There is NO other word order in English whatsoever, and NO other letter order (at all) for the name, and abbreviation, of Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is, after all, the co-ordinated version of Universal Time.

The language-independent abbreviation UTC, is meant to be used in all languages.

 The following 4-page monthly reports are in PDF format which requires Acrobat Reader. (Link at bottom of this page.)

Classification and co-ordinate files are at the bottom of this page, and are labelled "gdcc[year]-[month]".

Monthly files (1994 - 2006) are available from http://gdsoarchive.webs.com/.

Monthly files (2007 onwards)  that are not listed below, are available from http://gdsoarchive2.webs.com/.

If you have any trouble, please e-mail the GDSO ( gdso@value.net.nz ) so you can receive any reports as e-mail attachments.



 Standard Monthly Reports:

2015 (full year)

2016 (full year)

2017 (full year)

January 2018   February 2018   March 2018

April 2018  May 2018



 Sunspot Regional Classification and Co-ordinate files:

The number of files below will be kept to the maximum of 16, with the strong possibility of that number being reduced in the future. They are reproduced in Section B of GDSO Annual Reports.

gdcc2015 (full year)

gdcc2016 (full year)

gdcc2017 (full year)

gdcc2018-01   gdcc2018-02   gdcc2018-03

gdcc2018-04   gdcc2018-05