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Monthly Reports

Times stated in the following documents are in Universal Time (UT),
an approximation of all Universal Times, including Co-ordinated Universal Time / Temps Universel Coordonné (

 PLEASE NOTE: There is NO other word order in English whatsoever, and NO other letter order (at all) for the name, and abbreviation, of Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is, after all, the co-ordinated version of Universal Time.

The language-independent abbreviation UTC, is meant to be used in all languages.

 The following 4-page monthly reports are in PDF format which requires Acrobat Reader. (Link at bottom of this page.)

Classification and co-ordinate files are at the bottom of this page, and are labelled "gdcc[year]-[month]".

Monthly files (1994 - 2006) are available from http://gdsoarchive.webs.com/.

Monthly files (2007 onwards)  that are not listed below, are available from http://gdsoarchive2.webs.com/.

If you have any trouble, please e-mail the GDSO ( gdso@value.net.nz ) so you can receive any reports as e-mail attachments.



 Standard Monthly Reports:

2013 (full year)

2014 (full year)

2015 (full year)

2016 (full year)

January 2017   February 2017  March 2017

April 2017    May 2017   June 2017

July 2017    August 2017   September 2017

October 2017   November 2017   December 2017

January 2018   February 2018



 Sunspot Regional Classification and Co-ordinate files:

The number of files below will be kept to the maximum of 16, with the strong possibility of that number being reduced in the future. They are reproduced in Section B of GDSO Annual Reports.

gdcc2015 (full year)

gdcc2016 (full year)

gdcc2017-01   gdcc2017-02   gdcc2017-03

gdcc2017-04   gdcc2017-05   gdcc2017-06

gdcc2017-07   gdcc2017-08   gdcc2017-09

gdcc2017-10   gdcc2017-11   gdcc2017-12

gdcc2018-01   gdcc2018-02